Monday, February 15, 2010

New Blog Title

Like i said its been a long time since i have sent in a post. Time has passed and University life has sucked the life out of me or maybe its the other way round but who cares. I have been using Media Jester for a very long time and thought about changing my blog title to something else. Its time to let go of the past and look to the future. I may set up a poll jus to let u guys choose of which title i came up with that suits me and my blog the best.

Signing out,

Its Been A Long Time

Wow there goes a year and 1 semester i would really start my blog back up again but we shall see in the next post

Saturday, August 15, 2009

How great if all life is perfect

Hey peeps
i am down in penang for the weekend after a very ermm..... "interesting" orientation week.
Just doing my job as a grandson visitng my grandma while taking advantage of at least having some good home cooked food (omg in an Indian uni, u get Indian food not theres any problem but stop the flood of curry and spices). Its nice being someplace u can call as a second home. the only annoyance get from here is from my cousins. sigh the pain i tell u....
Well only 2 out of 3 total... irritants.The main subject i want to talk about is having to do with my 2nd cousin. Unfortunately in his case, due to abnormal genetic outcome he was born with down syndrome. To many it is a pity but after awhile we learn to except a flaw makes what everyone special heres a pic of him and me playing with my webcamHe maybe slow in learning but he is so great to make one cheer up.Watching him and observing him i feel that he is more normal than any other person but he picks up speaking very slow.thank god that my aunty and uncle has signed him up for speech classes and for the pass year he has picked up a few words.I always admired him for making up for him flaws in assisting others.I have heard many great stories about him when i am not in penang from my sister like he knows how to help my grandma to carry stuff frim the market. sigh... As someone wrote life is what you make of it and let this be and inspiration for all.

Signing out,

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Day Away

Quiet place
Small Shopping Mall
No traffic
Lots of bugs
Nice people
Small room

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Tv Shows!!

It is been awhile since i talked about Tv shows excluding American Idol. There have been some which got my attention
1. 1st up on the list is a medical drama entitled "Mental"

This show attracted me because it kind of rekindled my passion for psychology or more precise psychiatry. Its about Doctor Jack Gallagher is a compulsive man who has taken a position as the director of a psychiatric hospital in L.A. to be in the same city as his twin sister. Fascinated with the power of the human brain since he was a child, Jack is psychiatrist with unorthodox treatments and slightly unusual methods for the sake of his patients mental health.Here's a clip how "unorthodox" he is

What Doctor would be buck naked with a patient? I know i wont.

2. "Drop Dead Diva" is next and people who love chick flicks are happy-go-lucky comedy
This will really tickle your funny bone. A ton of bimbotic dumb blond character and a slap of fats at the side u get the main character. The whole story is Debbie a inspired model dies after a accident and when to heaven but during her period in heaven she kinda screwed up the system and she was placed inside a smart fat lawyers body (Jane). So now she has live as Jane but the interesting smart she became smart! How weird so, when we die our intelligence don't go away with us?Lets just leave that as it is...

Laugh yourselves up with a hefty heart

3. The next one is another medical drama but like all networks they needed something out of the "Grey's Anatomy" and "ER" zone. So, they came up with Royal Pains.
This Drama revolves around Hank an ER Doctor until one day he got fired for letting his hospital trustee die. So his Bro took him to the Hamptons. During his stay he save a life and yada yada he got a job and now he has a 2nd chance what he likes
doing best.

There's more shows out but i don think they will last and some are quite dull.til then :)
Signing out,
Jason Hong

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Right Road?!

Is this the right road?
Yes says father.
What ever makes u happy, says mom.
Is North the only option?
Yes, says my father.
Its a long lonely way own ur own, says mom.
Will i be alrite?
Yes, says father.
Sacrifices must be made, says mom.
Will i learn to live by myself?
Yes, say father
In time u will, says mom
I think i will grow thinner.
Yes Definitely says father
Good says mother
sighs i am getting mixed feelings about this afterall...

Signing out,

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Am I Dreaming??!

Father got a phone call
It was AIMST University administration
They said i was accepted to Pharmacy skool
OMFG! Sure anot?!
Dad is out station now
Dad asked sis to get offer letter n check
I am so anxious
Can't Wait for it to be confirm.
OMG Omg looks like the stars are looking after me afterall...
This song reminds me of this moment

Cheers to Taylor Switft
Signing out,
Jason Hong